Preventive Maintenance Window

Every Friday night from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m., Information Technology performs preventive maintenance on university technology applications. IT limits maintenance to this period to ensure that technology is up and running for the university community during the regular work week. Exceptions occur when emergency maintenance is required, and when an extended maintenance period is needed to implement major application upgrades. IT informs the university community in these cases.

Some applications are taken offline for maintenance every week, while others receive maintenance less often. The first list below contains those applications that are always taken offline at some point during Friday night maintenance. The second list contains applications that usuallyremain online during Friday night maintenance. Offline periods for applications that usually remain online are communicated to the university community and noted at the top of this page.

However, maintenance to one application may inadvertently affect another application.Therefore, if you choose to continue working during the Friday night maintenance period, please be aware that any application can potentially be taken offline without notice, and you may lose work.



Applications always offline

Applications usually online


BEA Tuxedo

BEA Weblogic



BSR (Alumni)

Campus Card

Crystal Reports

Express Cobol



Oracle DBMS

PeopleSoft Data Warehouse

Peoplesoft Financials

PeopleSoft iStrategy Data Warehouse

PeopleSoft SA/HR


Resident Management System (RMS)



SCT (Alumni)


University Reports


Cardinal Research Cluster (CRC)

Desk phones (VoIP phones)


M+ Archive


Plone 3 (CMS)

Plone 4  (CMS)


Wireless network