Backup Services

Backup Services enables PC, LAN, and Unix customers to backup and archive files to a central server maintained by Information Technology. Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), developed by the IBM Corporation, and licensed by the University, gives Information Technology the ability to offer such services.

What do I need to start using University Backup Services?

You will need a supported hardware and operating system platform, and an established Ethernet connection for each machine. Since Backup Services is a cost-recovery model, funds should be identified in advance to pay for the service. Over the phone and on-site consulting are available. On-site consulting, like Backup Services, is based on cost-recovery and will incur fees.

Does University Backup Services cost anything?

The service is offered on a fee basis. The fees exist so that IT can recover some of the costs in maintaining the hardware, software, and support of this service.

Rate Schedule

Rates are subject to annual review and changes based on the costs of delivering the service.

Our current rates are published on the service center page IT Service Rate folder.


How do I request an account?

You are about to request a personal or host-based University Backup Services account. By requesting and utilizing a University Backup Services account, you are indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Support and Service agreement. You are further recognizing that University Backup Services is a fee-based service, and your department will be billed monthly via a valid Speed Code for access to and use of the service. Host-based requests for information are not binding until the account is requested and created, pending customer acceptance.

Further information is available prior to requesting the account by contacting the Information Technology HelpDesk at 852-7997.

Request an Individual Account (Personal Computers)

Request a Host Account (LAN Servers/Unix hosts)

Request an Account be Closed