Fine Arts Technology Recommendations & Information

The Department of Fine Arts recommends that all incoming students purchase a laptop computer.

Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros are the preferred platform for graphics applications.  In the Department of Fine Arts, Macs are the computer of  choice.  For the Interior Architecture program, either an Apple MacBook Pro or a PC laptop are acceptable.

Fine Arts recommends two MacBook options.  These include a 13" MacBook or 15" MacBook Pro with 4GB of memory.  This laptop purchase is available through iTech Xpress.

Purchase a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Detailed description of recommendations and information from Fine Arts Department.


For students who are interested in entering the Interior Architecture track, PCs have been the typical platform.  iTech Xpress offers discounts on Dell, HP, and Lenovo computers.

View discounts on Dell, HP or Lenovo here.