Wireless Access for UofL Visitors

Brief overview of the available wireless network options available at UofL

Every day, UofL hosts many visitors and guests who need wireless access. They include:

  • Prospective students and their families
  • Vendors attending meetings on campus
  • Alumni and other visitors
  • Conference attendees

Three types of wireless access are available, depending upon who you are:

  • ulvisitor(for visitors; short-term use, limited internet functionality)
  • ulopen(full-service unencrypted network access for up to 30 days; requires a UofL sponsor)
  • ulsecure(requires an valid ulink username/password, preferred network for UofL student, faculty, staff)


UofL Visitor wireless access (ulvisitor)

With the ulvisitor network, you can use the university's wireless network to access the Internet while on-campus. The ulvisitor network offers sessions limited to 6 hours. The sessions will automatically log out after 15 minutes of inactivity . Services are limited to HTTP, HTTPS.  For more information see the ulvisitor frequently asked questions. (FAQs)

How to get online

To use the ulvisitor service on campus:

  1. Select the SSID ulvisitor from your device's list of available wireless networks.
  2. Open a browser and load any URL; you will be redirected to an access page (on some mobile devices, the access page should open automatically).
  3. Enter a valid email address
  4. Click Accept to acknowledge the terms of use. Your browser will be sent to a confirmation page and from there you can get online.


Sponsored wireless guest access (ulopen)

If you require less restrictive access, you will first need a current UofL faculty member, staff member, to sponsor a wireless guest account for you.

To sponsor a guest, visit sponsor guest access page to establish an Ulink ID-sponsored guest account. This includes selecting a user name and a password for the guest account.

The length of the sponsorship ranges from one to 30 days. If your guests visit for more than 30 days, they will need a new guest account. IT Services tracks guest accounts to the sponsoring Ulink ID.

How to get online

To access sponsored wireless guest service:

  1. Select the SSID ulopen from your device's list of available wireless networks.
  2. Open a browser and load any URL to display a UofL guest log in page.
  3. Log in with your sponsored guest user name and password. After you log in, you can use Internet services and web browsing as you would at a public venue such as Starbucks.

Note: as a UofL guest account sponsor, you are responsible for your guests' Internet use as well as any reported misuse.



Bulk Load Sponsored Guest Wireless Access (more than 10 accounts)

Please remember that if you are planning a large event with possible high demand for wireless access in a single location wireless should work most of the time. However due to the nature of wireless service it is not possible to guarantee service availability. Event coordinators should review wireless in the classroom for helpful tips for maximizing wireless for a large number of users in a single area. Please check the wireless locations page for coverage.

If you have a need for multiple guest wireless accounts, please contact the Help Desk with the name of the conference/meeting/event, the number of accounts needed and the date for which the accounts are needed. A member of the Secure Access Management team will contact you after they complete your request.


Secure wireless access (ulsecure)

This secure, campus-wide service allows students, faculty, and staff AES encrypted access to UofL campus resources

How to get online

To use the ulsecure service on campus:

  1. Select the SSID ulsecure from your device's list of available wireless networks.
  2. Enter your ulink user name at the prompt, and your ulink password.
  3. Accept the ulsecure certificate and authenticate your device, if prompted.


For more information on the ulsecure service, or for help with setting up your device, please refer to the ulsecure client configuration website.