Windows Vista Wireless Quick Setup Guide


  1. To begin, open the Start menu and select "Connect To." You will then see the window below, find the ulsecure wireless network in the list of nearby networks. Click on the listing for ulsecure to highlight it and click the Connect button as shown below and continue to step 2.
  2. Windows Vista will recognize that the network requires a username and password for access, and you will be prompted with the "Additional log on information" dialog. Click "Enter/select additional log on information" and continue to step 3.

Explanation: One new feature in Windows Vista is its ability to allow for user acceptance of unrecognized server certificates. In Windows XP, each  wireless network had to be pre-configured to accept the server certificate. Windows Vista will automatically prompt you to validate any certificate it has not seen before.

3. Enter your ULINK user name and password as seen below and click the OK button. Note: Leave the “Logon domain” section blank. Continue to step 4.

4. You will see this screen again as seen in step #2, click the “"Enter/select additional log on information" and continue to step 5.

5. The next screen you see will be a validation of the certificate displayed as “Verisign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority – G5”, and simply click the OK button to continue. Continue to step 6.

6. The “Connecting to ulsecure” window will appear next, no action is necessary here. Continue to step 7.
7. The “successfully connected to ulsecure” window appears next leave the boxes checked to “Save this network” and click on the Close button.

You are now connected and you should be able to launch your internet browser and browse successfully.