Nokia N9 Wireless Setup

This short guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Nokia N9 device to the University of Louisville's secure wireless network "ulsecure".


1. Navigate to the applications screen on the N9 and find the Settings application


2. Tap on Internet Connection


3. On the Internet Connection screen tap on Create new connection


4. Type ulsecure into the Connection name box; the Network name (SSID) box will automatically update to mirror the name


5. Toggle the Use automatically switch to on; leave the Network mode set to Infrastructure


6. Still on the Internet Connection screen, select WPA EAP from the Security method popup menu


7. Some new fields will have appeared below the Security Method menu; from the WPA EAP type popup menu select PEAP


8. Leave Select certificate set to None


9. From the EAP method popup menu select EAP MSCHAPv2


10. Enter your Ulink username in the Username box in all lower case


11. Enter your Ulink password in the Password box


12. Toggle the Prompt password at every login to off


13. Tap the Advanced settings submenu at the bottom of the screen

  • On the Advanced Settings screen:
  • Toggle Manual username to On
  • Enter your Ulink username into the Manual username box.
  • Tap the Back (left arrow) button to leave the Advanced screen


14. Tap Save

to save the new connection


15.  On the Internet Connection screen tap Connect to internet

  • A list of all available wireless networks appears, including the one you just set up


16.  Tap ulsecure to highlight it and click Connect


Note: That other methods of trying to configure ulsecure the same way will not work. For example, using the Connect to internet option without manually configuring the network first will show you the same available networks, but connecting to ulsecure by just tapping on it will not work. Network settings are not auto-detected, and there is no Advanced settings option. Without the Manual username setting in Advanced settings, the N9 is not able to reliably authenticate to ulsecure.



Summary of Connection settings:

This list summarizes the connection settings on a N9 configured for ulsecure wireless access.

  • Connection name: ulsecure
  • Network name (SSID): ulsecure
  • Use automatically: On
  • Security method: WPA EAP
  • WPA EAP type: PEAP
  • Select certificate: None
  • EAP method: EAP MSCHAPv2
  • Username: Ulink userid
  • Prompt password at every login: Off
  • Password: Ulink password
  • Advanced settings:
    • Proxy configuration: No proxy
    • Auto-retrieve IP address: On
    • Auto-retrieve DNS address: On
    • Manual username: On
    • Manual username: Ulink username
    • Require client authentication: Off
    • WPA2 only mode: Off