iPad iOS 4+

1. Start at your home screen, then select the "Settings" option as highlighted.


2. Select "Wi-Fi" from the options on the left. Slide Wi-Fi to "ON" (Note if Wi-Fi is already set to "On" skip this step)


3. Under choose a network select "ulsecure"


4. Enter your username in the "username" field and your password in the "password" field. These are the same credentials used on ULink and other university services. Select "Join"


5. Select "Accept" on the certificate pop-up screen. (Note certificate is from rad1.auth.louisville.edu)


6. The next screen you will see is similar to the one in Step 3. You will see check mark next to "ulsecure" network and a wireless icon  will appear in upper right hand corner if you have successfully connected to the secure wireless network.