VoIP Voice Mail

VoIP telephones use the Unity voice mail system.

To check your Unity Voice Mail - If you are at your desk you may just press the messages key on your phone to get into voice mail. If you are calling from anywhere else, you can call 8523435 and press the * key. You will be asked to enter your id (which is your 7 digit telephone number).

Please Note:

  • Your temporary voicemail password is 12345. You will need to change it once you have logged on for the first time.
  • If we have to reset your voice mail box at anytime the temporary password will be 123212.
  • When using VoIP services along with Unity Voice Mail, you may only forward voice mail messages to someone who is also using the Unity system. You will not be able to forward VM messages to MemoryCall users (the BellSouth voicemail system)

Single Inbox  - Guides and faqs

For more information, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 852-7997 or open the Cisco Unity Voicemail Instructions (pdf file).

Questions about the new voice mail policy?

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