New Network Funding Model

Beginning July 1, 2012, the university moved to a new communications network funding model for university departments and auxiliaries. There are no longer any per-port charges for voice, voicemail, data and domestic long-distance services. Instead, departments will now pay an annual flat infrastructure fee or Network Base Infrastructure (NBI) charge.

This new network technology charging structure (ppt) is needed because the campus wired Ethernet, phone and wireless services are really just different applications that share the same network infrastructure and cannot be separated like they used to be. A flat fee approach is justified, because taking out phones or data connections does not change or reduce the overall cost to the university to provide core network services for faculty, staff and students. There will be no recurring monthly charges for existing or new voice/data services.

For planning purposes, the first year of the new funding model (2012/2013), the Network Base Infrastructure fee will equal the department’s network communication costs for voice, voicemail and data services as of 6/30/2012. In future years, the department’s Network Base Infrastructure charge will no longer be tied to individual connections. After year one, the Network Base Infrastructure cost may increase a small percentage each year depending on the budget analysis which takes into consideration the entire university’s usage of services, maintenance, equipment replacement, network upgrades, internet increases, etc.

The one-time installation fee of $150 will increase to $550 for new voice and data connections. The one-time fee for moving a connection will remain the same, as long as a new connection at the destination is not required. If a new connection is required, then the $550 one-time fee will apply. There will be no credits for removal of service.

Please note that specialized services such as call directors, dedicated network circuits, business lines, white pages listing, etc. will continue to be billed at the applicable service rates.

The new network funding model was developed by Information Technology in cooperation with the Office of Planning and Budget and has the support of the university’s administration. It has been endorsed and approved by the Provost, the university’s Strategic Technology Executive Committee (STEC), and university Vice-Presidents and Deans.

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