VideoConferencing Facilities & Equipment

A listing of information for UofL Information Technology videoconferencing facilities, including contact information for each location. Please note that all facilities use H.323 (Video Over IP) only.

Common Info (applies to all listed locations, unless otherwise noted)

Belknap Campus Common Info (applies to all Belknap Campus locations, unless otherwise noted)

  • Technical Support: Belknap Media Support, 502/852.6465 (Technical Support is defined as activating the equipment, establishing connectivity and being on-call for technical issues during a program only).

Miller Information Technology Center, Room 55 (MT055)

  • Seating Capacity: 11
  • Room Phone: 502/852.6624
  • IP Address:
  • System: LifeSize
  • Computer interface available
  • Scheduling

Mobile Codec (Belknap)
NOTE: Please make certain that the room this equipment will be used in has a 100mbps Ethernet connection. Also, please make certain to order a Video Projector or Television with the unit.

  • System: LifeSize
  • Scheduling