MITC03 Request Form

Please complete this form to request use of Miller IT Center 03 (MITC03). This facility is a computer training room that can seat 30 participants with Windows 7 computers. There is an instructor station that is mirrored to dual projectors. Also note that this facility is only available for use Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (no weekends or holidays).

This room is intended to support short courses and group training events. It cannot be scheduled for regular academic classes. All academic classes should be scheduled through Resource 25.

For instructions to view the room calendar/availability, go here.

Requests should be sent two weeks in advance of the event. We will accept or decline the reservation within three business days of receiving the request. You will receive notification of the decision. You may also receive an email requesting additional information about the event before the event is accepted or declined.

Please do not install software and/or technology yourself. If software needs to be installed, indicate this on the form below. Be sure to provide the software and accompanying license agreement to IT at least two weeks in advance before the event date. If software/technology AND the license agreement are not provided to IT at least two weeks before the event, the event will be removed from the MITC03 schedule. Non-IT departments will be charged $50 per hour for installing and for uninstalling software/technology. Trial software will NOT be installed on the computers.

If you need assistance with scheduling MITC03, please contact iTech Connect.

Name of the Instructor of the class as it appears in the email address book.
Please use your University of Louisville email address
Please type the contact's phone number starting with the area code (502-852-1234, for example).
Start Date and Time
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End Date and TIme
Events that end after 5:00 pm will not be scheduled
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Are non-UofL people attending

Proof of Software license(s) is required before software can be installed. No trial versions of software will be installed on MITC03 computers. Please note that non-IT departments will be charged $50 per hour for installing and uninstalling of software/technology.
You must have a license agreement for each computer on which you want software installed.
You must have a license agreement for each computer on which you want software installed.
In order to reserve MITC03, you must accept responsibility for the security and protection of the computers and other equipment located in the room. Please note the following policies: 1.) No food or drink of any kind is allowed in MITC03. 2.) It is the responsibility of the instructor to verify the specially installed software is working properly prior to the date of the class. 3.) No technology or software shall be installed by the user of the room. 4.) Any damage to computers or equipment is the responsibility of the program or event sponsor 5.) Students must be supervised at all times **At the end of your session: * Turn off the room projector * Turn off room lights * Verify the door is securely locked ****Failure to abide by the MITC03 room use agreement may result in the loss of room use privileges.
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