Diversity Plan


Information Technology supports the university's commitment to "foster and sustain an environment of inclusiveness." Diversity initiatives have included:

  • Partnering with the Jefferson County Public Schools, promote a program to target minority students and increase interest in technology careers at an early age.
  • Continuously developing leadership training and mentoring programs for IT staff, targeting female and minority employees.
  • Providing diversity training for all IT staff.
  • Conducting an assessment of racial climate among IT employees.
  • Following up on the racial climate assessment, and analysis of the organization was completed to identify the gender and racial makeup, both organizationally and within leadership ranks.
  • Assessing client satisfaction of faculty, staff and student constituent groups.
  • Providing "Safe Zone" training for all IT staff members. Safe Zone training gives participants the tools necessary to understand and create a welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) individuals.
  • Training 60 IT staff members in American Sign Language.

The IT Diversity plans attempts to answer the question: "How will your unit increase diversity among administrators and staff? Each plan must focus specifically on African Americans, but may also include women and members of other protected groups." The current IT diversity plan update is linked below.