Cost of Living on Campus

Meal Plan

All residents are required to participate in the Meal Plan Program.  Residents living in a room with no kitchen will participate in the $1,460 meal plan. Residents living in apartments with kitchens will participate in the $930 meal plan. Please visit Dining Services for more information.


Parking is available near all of our residence halls.  Residents who wish to bring their car to campus will need to purchase a parking permit.  To obtain a permit, you will need to bring with you your housing confirmation letter.  The parking office will issue you a permit for the zone located closest to your residence hall.  Please visit the Parking Office for more information.

Summer 2014

Students can choose to live on campus for the summer for any or all of the University of Louisville terms.  The cost of living on campus will be based on the term(s) you select. Review Summer Rates

Fall 2014/Spring 2015 per semester

  • Center Hall, Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall, Unitas Tower, and Wellness House
    • 2,395 Double Room
    • 2,860 Single Room
  • Community Park and Kurz Hall
    • 2,672   Double
    • 3,138   Deluxe Double
    • 3,759  Single (Kurz Only)
    • 4,251   Deluxe Single (Kurz Only)
  • Louisville Hall (all double bedrooms with the exception of the single rooms)
    • 2,540   Deluxe
    • 2,860   Single
    • 2,440   Double
    • 2,490   3 Bedroom Suite
    • 2,530   2 Bedroom Suite
  • University Tower Apartments
    • 2,600   1 Bedroom, Double
    • 2,590  Large Studio, Double
    • 2,565  Standard Studio, Double
    • 2,590   2 Bedroom, Double-Occupancy Bedroom
    • 2,920  2 Bedroom, Single-Occupancy Bedroom

(2-bedroom apartments have one double occupancy room and one single occupancy room.)

  • Bettie Johnson Hall
    • 3,323   Two Bedroom/Two Bath
    • 3,222   Two Bedroom/One Bath
    • 3,323   Three Bedroom/ Two Bath
    • 3,174   Four Bedroom/ Two Bath
    • 4,413   One Bedroom/One Bath
    • 4,842   Deluxe One Bedroom/One Bath
  • Billy Minardi Hall (separate meal plan at 800 per semester)
    • 3,220 Double
  • Medical Dental Apartments (monthly rates)
    • 725       Standard Studio
    • 755       Large Studio
    • 820      One Bedroom
    • 930      Two Bedroom (family rate, a single occupant rate will be $1,000 per month)

MDA Residents are required to set up a payment plan or pay their semester balance in full. Residents will need to fill out the Med-Dent Payment Plan and mail it to the Bursar's Office

*All rates are subject to Board Approval and change without notice.