Residence Halls


Halls available for conferences can vary but may include: Miller, Unitas Tower, and the Complex (Center Hall, Wellness House, West Hall). These halls are traditional-style college residence halls with community restrooms. Louisville Hall, Kurz Hall, and Community Park offer suite-style living with a semi-private bath. One, two, or three bedroom suites are available. Bettie Johnson Hall features Apartments with full kitchens, private bedrooms, with one to four bedroom options, along with private and semi-private bathrooms. All of our residence halls are located on campus within walking distance to any campus facility and all are air-conditioned.

Additionally, we give all groups the option of adding a linen amenity package. Housekeeping will not clean occupied bedrooms.
Please click on the links below for more information about each residence hall.

Traditional Style Halls

Double or single occupancy community bath

Suite Style Halls

1, 2, 3 bedroom, private, and semi-private bath

Apartment Style Halls

1 to 4 bedroom, private, and semi-private bath

Pricing of campus accommodations varies depending on:

  • Facilities requested
  • Linen package
  • Length of stay
  • Amenities requested