Opportunities for Freshman

Modes of Inquiry

Modes of Inquiry is an Honors freshman seminar course, offered to first-semester students in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, and College of Education & Human Development. Honors students in these enrollment units are strongly encouraged to apply to participate in Modes of Inquiry. Invitations will be sent to eligible students via e-mail prior to the start of summer orientation.

    Prior to the start of the semester, students enrolled in Modes of Inquiry participate in two days of courses during the University's Welcome Week. This two-day program is designed to provide an early opportunity for students to become familiarized with the campus, meet Honors faculty members, administrators, and staff, interact with Honors student leaders, and meet future classmates. Additionally, students will engage in classroom learning opportunities led by a faculty member, academic advisor, and a reference librarian and archivist from the University Libraries system.


      Threlkeld Hall, Honors Residence Hall

      Threlkeld is the Honors residence hall, which houses up to 250 first-year Honors students across four floors. The second floor of Threlkeld is devoted to the Honors Living Learning Communities, which you can read more about in the following section. If you are a first-year Honors student for 2015, and are interested in living in Threlkeld Hall, you are strongly encouraged to apply for Housing at your earliest opportunity. For more information on Threlkeld Hall and Housing & Residence Life at the University of Louisville, visit louisville.edu/housing.


      Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

      Honors students with an interest in community service or a career in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics) or healthcare (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science, or optometry, among others) should consider applying to participate in either the Honors Science or Honors Service Living Learning Communities. Both LLCs are located in the Threlkeld Hall, the Honors residence hall

      LLCs are academic and residential communities dedicated to a specific theme that creates purposeful links among academic, residential and social components of the college experience.  Members of an LLC usually live together on the same floor of Threlkeld Hall, enroll as a cohort in themed courses each semester, and participate in group co-curricular activities.The Honors LLCs are comprised of grouped classes in a specific cluster, allowing students to take two or more courses with the same group of peers throughout the semester. For specific information on the Honors Science & Service LLCs, please follow the links under the Prospective Students heading on the left.

      Benefits of participation in Honors LLCs include:

      • High level of engagement in Honors courses and development of shared interests among a group of students
      • Intensive advising sessions with an Honors advisor, focused on academic and career planning
      • Extracurricular programming, focused on social, academic, or career development
      • Supplemental tutoring sessions for students pursuing the Honors Science LLC
      • Development of strong connections to faculty members in the LLC
      • Engagement with the Louisville community, through co-curricular service opportunities and extracurricular programming