Spring 2019 Honors Advising Campaign Details

Whether or not you're required to see an Honors advisor, we welcome all current Honors students to make an advising appointment.


Who is required to see an Honors advisor?

  • All Honors first-year students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences with fewer than 24 hours earned (not including Spring 2019 classes)
  • Any current Honors student or Honors Scholar who wishes to take an Honors class or Scholars Seminar in Summer or Fall 2019

    Who is not required to see an Honors advisor?

    • Students not currently active in Honors or Honors Scholars
    • Honors students who do not wish to take an Honors class or Scholars Seminar in Summer or Fall 2019
    • Honors students or Honors Scholars who plan to graduate in May 2019 or August 2019

    The Honors Advising Window:

    • Appointments
      • The Advising Campaign will run through Fri., March 22
      • Please note:
            • Spring Break is Mon., March 11 - Fri., March 15, so there will be no advisor availability on these dates.
            • Please arrive promptly in the Etscorn Honors Center on your appointment date/time. If you arrive to your appointment 10 or more minutes after the scheduled appointment time, you will be required to reschedule for a later date/time subject to counselor availability.
      • Walk-In Advising
        • Mon., March 25 - Fri., March 3290, 8:30-11:30AM and 1-4PM
      • Priority Registration
        • 8AM on Tues., March 26

      The Honors Advising Team (in alpha order – this is how we will appear in EAB/CardSmart):

      • Kirsten Armstrong
      • Luke Buckman
      • Sarah Exner
      • Andrew Grubb
      • Katherine Rucker
      • Tamara Russell
      • Olivia Sailor
      • Sarah Springer

       The Procedure:

      • Honors Scholars – will receive the EAB/CardSmart campaign e-mail from Kirsten Armstrong around 7:45AM on Tues., Feb. 5 in their UofL e-mail accounts.
      • All other Honors students – will receive the EAB/CardSmart campaign e-mail from Kirsten Armstrong around 7:45AM on Wed., Feb. 6 in their UofL e-mail accounts.
      • Once you receive your e-mail from EAB/CardSmart, please follow the instructions at the link provided and sign up online for an Honors advising appointment within EAB/CardSmart. More detailed instructions are available here.
      • EAB/CardSmart tips
        • We highly encourage you to choose a specific Honors advisor first from the drop-down menu when scheduling your appointment on EAB/CardSmart. If you skip this step, “Any Advisor” is the default option, and you will be randomly paired with an Honors advisor based on your date/time preferences.
        • Please do not forget to click on the "Confirm Appointment" button on the "Appointment Details" screen.  If you fail to complete this final step, your appointment will not be saved on EAB/CardSmart.
        • If you do not receive an appointment confirmation email from EAB/CardSmart, the appointment has not been successfully scheduled, and you must return to your EAB/CardSmart campaign link and ensure that you have completed all of the steps in the scheduling process.
        • Everyone’s EAB/CardSmart scheduling links are unique to their own account information, so please do not forward or share these links with other students.

      No Longer Active in Honors:

      • In the event that you are no longer a member of the University Honors Program, you should seek out advising from your home academic advising unit instead.
      • If you need more information about who to see within your home academic advising unit, we recommend that you visit the Undergraduate Advising website here.



      If you have questions or encounter technical difficulties with scheduling your Honors advising appointment in EAB/CardSmart, please contact the front desk of the Etscorn Honors Center at 502-852-6293.