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Board of Overseers Mentoring Program

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The University of Louisville Board of Overseers established its mentoring program in 1987. The program provides a unique and valuable opportunity for university students in an urban community to participate in a formal mentor/mentee experience - “a link from classroom to career.”


Our goal is to link some of UofL’s committed students with exceptional community professional leaders from both the public and private sector. These relationships serve not only to provide an educational service to participants on a one-to-one basis, but also to strengthen and reinforce established mutual interests and goals of the University of Louisville and the Louisville business and professional community.




The purpose of the program is to assist students in their transition from university to career. The program facilitates this transition and enables students to create a connection with a professional in the local community. Through this mentoring relationship, the program provides students with:


·         increased self-confidence

·         enhanced tools for professional success

·         advice in career goals and advancement strategies

·         further development of social, personal, and professional skills

·         opportunities to engage in new activities and develop new talents

·         the ability to network with professionals in your chosen area


Students are matched with mentors according to career fields and interests. This provides an opportunity to ask career-related questions, see a typical day in that chosen career, and possibly be introduced to professional organizations. By sharing experiences such as academic training, kinds of career moves, and professional insights, mentors can guide their mentees as they enter the work field.




Participation in the program is limited to fifty students each academic year. Qualified junior-level students are invited to participate in the mentoring program. The program is not limited to students enrolled in the University Honors Program. Any University of Louisville student who meets the following criteria will receive an invitation to apply for the Board of Overseers Mentoring Program.


Program criteria:

·         3.35 cumulative g.p.a.

·         45 – 80 cumulative hours earned (junior-level) *


*Please note that junior-level refers strictly to number of credits earned, not year at the university. This total includes hours earned via AP, IB, CLEP, or other test credits.


Qualified students will receive an invitation letter via e-mail and program application during late June/early July of the summer preceding the start of the program. If you are interested in the program, please ensure that you continue to check your university e-mail account throughout the summer.



Questions about the Program

Please send all program inquiries to the program coordinator, Luke Buckman, at You may also reach Luke by telephone at (502) 852-6293.


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