Drug & Supply Ordering

Non-Controlled Substances

The CMRU offers a limited selection of non-controlled substances for purchase. To order non-controlled substances through the CMRU, please complete the Supply Order Form. Please note that all drugs must be approved for use on your IACUC Protocol


Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Medications

Pharmaceutical grade medications must be used whenever they are available, including for terminal procedures and euthanasia. The use of non-pharmaceutical grade substances is prohibited unless reviewed and approved by the IACUC. Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing as part of an approved Proposal. For further information, please see the IACUC Policy, "Use of Pharmaceutical-Grade Medications and Outdated Drugs or Supplies."

Controlled Substances

A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) License is required to order and use controlled substances (drug or chemical) for a project. Any use of controlled substances in animal research must first be reviewed and approved by the IACUC through a Proposal submission. The CMRU veterinary staff can assist in finding alternatives to controlled substances. Controlled substances have regulatory requirements for their acquisition, storage, use and disposal, as well as for record keeping. Principal Investigators are responsible for adhering to all regulatory requirements and for maintaining inventory records of controlled substances, as well as records of controlled substance use in animal research at UofL. 

A brief tutorial on registering for a DEA License is available here. 

For your convenience, the CMRU provides sample forms that may be used to maintain inventory records of controlled substances:

Use of Expired Drugs or Supplies

Expired Medications and Biologics:

The use of expired pharmaceuticals and biologics is not consistent with acceptable veterinary practices. Expired medications used to support surgical procedures, including anesthetics, analgesics, euthanasia drugs, or agents used in peri-operative care (e.g., heparin), cannot be used for any experimental or veterinary procedure, even non-survival surgeries. Special precautions and procedures for disposal of expired DEA-controlled substances must be followed as per DEHS Policies

Expired Materials:

The use of expired medical materials (fluids, sutures, catheters and other supplies) in animal research is not considered acceptable veterinary practice as defined by the Animal Welfare Regulations and PHS Policy. Exceptions to the use of expired medical materials may be granted by the IACUC on a case-by-case basis. Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing as a part of an approved Proposal, and justification must be provided.