Budgeting & Billing Questions


The CMRU is available to assist investigators and research staff with questions and concerns about budgeting, billing, and rates. The CMRU's Per Diem, Service and Facility Rates for Fiscal Year 2025 are available HERE. Please direct all billing inquiries to  or . 

2020 Per Diem Rate Cost Analysis:

As previously announced, the Comparative Medicine Research Unit (CMRU) hired an outside consulting firm (Huron Consulting Group, Inc.) to perform a detailed cost analysis according to NIH's Cost and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities to propose updated animal per diem rates to utilize for Fiscal Year 2021 and plans going forward. For transparency, the CMRU invited the UofL research community to attend a webinar presentation hosted by Huron on May 14, 2020, detailing their approach to the per diem rate calculation and the results of their evaluation.

A recording of Huron’s presentation is available here for anyone that was not able to attend the webinar; also available is a copy of the slides from the webinar. Please note that you must log in with your UofL credentials to access the presentation. The slides and webinar indicate that the rates are not final, they are now final.


Budgeting and Cost Estimation:

If you'd like assistance with budget planning, the CMRU can estimate costs for various research services, including:

  • Surgery
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Imaging and Diagnostics
  • Supply Purchases
  • Animal Care
  • Animal Ordering (see below for more info)
Please direct all budget estimation/cost inquiries (except animal orders) to . Please see below for animal order cost estimates. 


Animal Ordering:

All animal orders must be placed through eSirius. To request a cost estimation for an animal order, please fill out the following form: Animal Order Cost Estimate.

The following surcharges are applied to all orders:
Rodents: $5.00 per animal or 15% of the total invoice, whichever is less. 
All Other Species: 15% of the total invoice. 
All Other Chargeables: 15% of the total invoice.  


Billing Questions:

The CMRU now utilizes bar coding through eSirius to determine animal census. Accounts are billed monthly for animal care and procurement, research services, supply orders, and any other services. All invoices are available to view in eSirius; for details on how to access eSirius, please visit the eSirius page. Please direct all billing questions to  or