CMRU Order/Request Forms

Forms for Researchers/Laboratories:


Supply Order Form (for non-controlled substances)

Rodent Technical Services Request Form (to place rodent service requests with CMRU vet staff)

Rodent Anesthesia Machine Request Form

ATP Testing Request Form

Lab Housing Notification Form

Housing/Cage Card Forms:

Housing and/or IACUC Proposal Transfer Request Form (for physical transfers or proposal transfers)**

**Note: The deadline to submit housing transfer requests is 11:00 a.m. on Monday. All transfers will occur on Wednesdays. Any requests received after this will be processed the following week.**

Rodent Importation Request Form (contact  for non-rodent import info)

Rodent Exportation Request Form (contact  for non-rodent export info)

Cage Card Request Form

eSirius Forms:

eSirius Account Request (for Principal Investigators and Billing Contacts)

eSirius Speed Type Request

eSirius Training Request (all new eSirius users are emailed a PowerPoint tutorial; use this form if you would like to request a one-on-one training session)