Facilities and Systems Access

Systems Access:

IACUC Protocol Management: The University of Louisville utilizes an online management system called iRIS for all applications/protocols involving the use of vertebrate animals or tissues. UofL employees can sign in with their UofL credentials. Information about sponsoring an account for non-UofL project participants is available here

Online Training Systems: Occupational Health and Safety Training, as well as the IACUC's Level II Training ("Working with the IACUC") are available online through CITI Program. The IACUC Participant Training Log is also online. Individuals can sign up for other training courses through the IACUC website.  

Facility Access:

Notice: At no time should you use someone else's card to access facilities. To do so could result in loss of privileges for yourself and the original owner.

In order to gain access to any CMRU facility for the purpose of animal research, all personnel MUST complete the items below:

1.) Complete Level II Training ("Working with the IACUC") in CITI Program,

2.) Be enrolled in the Occupational Health and Safety Program (complete the CITI course and health survey),

3.) Complete an IACUC Participant Training Log,

4.) Complete Euthanasia Training, if applicable.

5.) Be listed as a project participant on an approved IACUC Proposal in iRIS. (If your PI has recently submitted an "Add Participant" request in iRIS, you are not considered a participant on that protocol until you receive the approval letter.)

ONLY after the above requirements are complete AND you receive an approval letter through iRIS, should personnel submit an CMRU Access Request form NOTE:  This form will not be processed until ALL requirements are complete.  

Once the access request is approved by the IACUC Office, you will be contacted to arrange facility orientation. The facility orientation takes 30-45 minutes to complete. Facility Orientation is the final requirement that must be fulfilled before facility access is granted. Individuals must complete steps 1-4 above and submit an CMRU Access Request form to the IACUC Office before attending facility orientation. 

You will receive additional instructional materials during your facility orientation:

Instructional Materials & Info

Information Sheet: The Use of SASPs

List of Approved IACUC Policies

Policies and Procedures: Reporting and Investigating Animal Welfare Concerns

Caution: Laboratory Animal Allergies Sign

IACUC Member Roster and Key Personnel Contact Information