Anesthetic Machine Calibration

Every Fall, the CMRU schedules a company to visit the University of Louisville and certify that all CMRU anesthesia vaporizers are operating within normal ranges. The CMRU maintains a list of laboratories that would like to have their machines calibrated and notifies them each Fall when the calibration visit is scheduled. Investigators set up their own billing and payment with the company, but will save money on travel costs and receive a group billing rate.

Note: In some instances, units require repair; the company will take the machine offsite for repair and calibration if necessary following communication with the investigator. The cost of repairs varies and the machine may be unavailable for a few weeks. 

Scheduling Certification

If you are interested in having the CMRU coordinate the servicing of your machines, please visit this page for sign up information. You will receive a notification each Fall when the visit is scheduled. For more information, please contact , CMRU Surgical Manager.