Facility/Laboratory Signs


1. Laboratory Animal Allergies Sign (should be posted in all animal use areas):

Up to a third of personnel working with laboratory mice and rats may develop hypersensitivity to them. Clinical signs and procedures to prevent the development of allergies are detailed in the LAA sign, along with contact information for Campus Health Services: Caution: Laboratory Animal Allergies (LAA) Sign 

2. Reporting and Investigating Animal Welfare Concerns Sign (should be posted in all animal use areas):

The Reporting and Investigating Animal Welfare Concerns signage should be prominently posted in all areas where animal procedures are performed, including euthanasia. 


3. Guidelines for the Humane Euthanasia of Rodents Utilizing CO2:

The CMRU offers Guidelines for Performing Humane Euthanasia of Rodents Utilizing CO2, which should be reviewed by research staff performing euthanasia by CO2. Many labs find it helpful to post this information near CO2 cylinders.