eSirius Animal Ordering


eSirius3G is the CMRU's online animal ordering system. Through eSirius, users can order their own animals, check balances, run animal census reports, review invoices and split charges. Principal investigators and billing contacts must have user accounts established before they can access eSirius3G.

Getting Started

  • Principal Investigator user accountNew PIs must establish a new user account by completing the eSirius Account Request Form.
  • Non-PI user accounts: New user accounts for the purposes of assisting PIs with billing and/or animal orders can be requested by completing the eSirius Account Request Form
  • Speed Type Setup: A request for a new speed type to be setup in eSirius can be submitted using the eSirius Speed Type Request Form.
  • eSirius Training: All new users will receive a training manual after their eSirius account is approved. One-on-one training sessions can be requested HERE
  • Recommended browsersChrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers. Internet Explorer does not work with eSirius.

Animal Procurement

Once your IACUC protocol has been approved in iRIS, you can submit an online animal order in eSirius. If you are a new investigator, you will need to fill out the eSirius Account Request Form in order to access eSirius and the eSirius Speed Type Request Form to setup billing. 

Ordering Deadline: The ordering deadline is Wednesdays at noon. Any orders submitted after this time will not be delivered the following week. 

The vendor stock numbers that are required to order animals can be located on the vendors' websites:

Jackson Laboratory


Charles River


Having eSirius Issues? Please visit the FAQ page or contact