What is eQuality?

    The mission of eQuality is to implement a comprehensive medical school curriculum that requires students to learn, practice, and demonstrate mastery of skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for excellent care of patients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), gender non-conforming individuals, and persons affected by differences of sex development (DSD). With eQuality, the University of Louisville is the first medical school in the nation to fully integrate content addressing the 2014 AAMC competencies to care for individuals who are LGBT, gender nonconforming (GNC), and born with differences of sex development (DSD).

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    For students

    Current students experience an integrated curriculum that treats the care of LGBT, GNC, and DSD-affected patients as typical and normal within your patient population. While some educational models place this content as separate from the rest of the curriculum (e.g., in an elective or stand-alone week of learning), eQuality integrates this information throughout the curriculum to reinforce the core stance that a competent physician is skilled in the care of all patients within the community and can approach each patient with sensitivity, compassion, and the knowledge necessary to promote health and wellness.