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CRAFT Seminar

iBiology-Business Concepts for Scientists Course - Designed to prepare scientists for career transitions into both academic and non-academic settings. The course comprises a series of five modules - Business Strategy, Finance, Business Development, Strategic Collaborations, and Strategic Tool kits.

Career Resources for Ph.D.s in Science - Dozens of links about career advancement, tenure issues, postdocs, networking, and professional ethics.

Guide to developing a personalized Individual Development Plan (IDP)

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NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

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Acceptance of an offer of financial support *(such as a graduate scholarship, fellowship, traineeship, or assistantship) for the next academic year by a prospective or enrolled graduate student completes an agreement that both student and graduate school expect to honor. In that context, the conditions affecting such offers and their acceptance must be defined carefully and understood by all parties. For more information on this resolution, click here