International Applicants

Foreign nationals must meet visa and medical licensure requirements for residency training.

Either a permanent resident card or a J1 visa sponsored through the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) is required. The University of Louisville School of Medicine does not utilize the H1B visa for residency training in its ACGME accredited programs.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky requires medical licensure for residents at PG-2 or higher level. Graduates of international schools, both U.S. and foreign nationals, should contact the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure for current requirements. The PG-1 year is exempt from licensure. The application packet can be accessed on the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure's web site at

Additional questions about medical licensure can be directed to Kathy Sandman.

For additional information about either visa requirements or medical licensure, please contact the program director or residency coordinator in the department where you intend to apply.