How is the average work plan calculated?

Example of a 5-7 year average:

Year 132% research45% clinical service23% teaching
Year 232% research45% clinical service23% teaching
Year 332% research45% clinical service23% teaching
Year 415% research60% clinical service25% teaching
Year 510% research60% clinical service30% teaching

In the above example, the candidate's promotion generally would be based on excellence in service, since service is the highest percentage of the candidate's total work assignment. Effective, January 1, 2012 a candidate may be promoted on any area of the work assignment that meets or exceeds a 20% average. In this instance, the candidate may also be promoted based on excellence in teaching.

If there is more than one area of a candidate's work assignment that meets the 20% criteria, the annual work plan of the candidate must specifically state which area is to be used for promotion and/or tenure and must be addressed in the chair's letter.

Those on the tenure track (probationary) must have work assignments in all three areas and a minimum 20% average research work assignment.