Irving G. Joshua, Ph.D.

Irving G. Joshua, Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman
The Pennsylvania State University, 1976


In general, I am involved in small animal research investigating the mechanisms associated with the control of microvascular function during normal and disease states.  Specifically, I am investigating alterations in the vasoconstrictor responses of several vessel levels of the microcirculation during the development of several cardiovascular diseases using established animal models.  Current studies involving hypertension development have focused on the role of endothelial derived dilator and constrictor factors in the observed increases in peripheral resistance and blood pressure.  In the area of diabetes mellitus, we are investigating the potential vascular effects of both insulin and C-peptide, two agents released from the endocrine pancreas and deficient in individuals suffering from Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Recently, we have begun investigations into the  microvascular mechanisms that may be altered in several vascular beds (muscle, kidney and intestine) with aging, using in vivo and in vitro microcirculatory techniques and procedures.

Recent Publications:

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