Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Reproductive Health

  • Reproductive biology: reproductive organ and gamete development and differentiation, preconception health, health care and contraception
  • Female and male infertility: pathophysiology, diagnosis and assisted reproductive technology
  • Pregnancy complications (e.g. preterm birth, gestational diabetic mellitus)
  • Neonate complications and birth defects


  • Menopause: hormone therapy, alternative therapy
  • Pelvic floor disorders: mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment
  • Cardiovascular disease: link with altered immunologic responses, link with hormone therapy, alternative therapeutic approaches
  • Alzheimer’s disease: link with endocrine dysregulation


  • Early detection
  • Preventive therapies: complimentary & alternative therapeutic agents, new formulations or combinations of therapies
  • Development of new therapeutics: vaccine development, nanotechnology approach
  • Development of novel therapeutic endpoints