Sleep Disorders

The University of Louisville Physicians - Sleep Center includes a state-of-the-art sleep lab that encourages restful sleep, and is Louisville's only dedicated sleep center accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

ULP Sleep CenterStaffed by specialists who are Board Certified in Sleep Medicine by the AASM, our sleep specialists evaluate and treat a wide variety of sleep complaints and disorders.

Located at the brand new Nucleus Innovation Park - Downtown at 300 East Market Street, Ste. 490, Louisville, KY 40202, the UofL Physicians - Sleep Center's philosophy endorses a multi-disciplinary approach to sleep disorders integrating sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine, psychology, neurology, otolaryngology, oral maxillofacial surgery, dental sleep medicine, and bariatric surgery.

On a patient's first visit, we assess medical history and conduct a physical exam. We may ask patients to maintain a sleep diary for several weeks.

If a sleep study is recommended, patients will spend one or two nights in a private, comfortable room adjacent to a room equipped with sophisticated equipment for monitoring sleep stages, patterns, heart activity, blood oxygen levels and body movement.

Within the lab, patients can be evaluated for a number of sleep disorders, including:

  • Nocturnal polysomnography with end tidal CO2 monitoring

  • Multiple Sleep Latency testing

  • Maintenance of Wakefulness testing

  • Seizure monitoring

  • Titration of positive airway pressure as treatment for sleep disordered breathing

  • Nocturnal oxygen titration

  • Nocturnal Esophageal pH monitoring

  • Actigraphy

  • Initiation and titration of Non-invasive mechanical ventilation for patients with chronic respiratory failure including patients with neuromuscular diseases.

  • Adjustment of diaphragmatic pacer settings for patients with neuromuscular disorders.

In addition to diagnostic services, the UofL Physicians - Sleep Center will provide on-site clinical evaluations with same-day service available through our team of sleep physician providers, and our dedicated advanced registered nurse practitioners.

For more information on the UofL Physicians - Sleep Center, to schedule an appointment or make a patient referral, please call 502-588-0480.

Meet our Sleep Medicine team: