Pawel K. Lorkiewicz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Director, Mass Spectrometry and Bioanalytical Core,
Center for Cardiometabolic Science

502-852-5750 E-mail

Education and Training

Ph.D.: University of Louisville, Analytical Chemistry
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Louisville, Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics

Mission Statement

We help investigators succeed by providing mass spectrometry-based services, technical expertise, education, and the development of new bioanalytical approaches.

Research Goals

To establish a state-of-the-art shared equipment mass spectrometry facility and develop comprehensive methodologies for the analysis of small molecules and their metabolites.

Research Interests

Discovery, identification, and profiling of metabolites of reactive xenobiotics in urine

  • Dr. Lorkiewicz and his lab have supported the efforts of multiple investigators by developing applicable, targeted methods to characterize metabolites of reactive electrophiles and xenobiotics in urine.
  • With the recent acquisition of a high-resolution Waters Synapt XS LC-MS system (S10 OD026840), Dr. Lorkiewicz's efforts have shifted towards untargeted workflows to characterize a more significant portion of the exposome.
  • His approach focuses on profiling specific groups of xenobiotic metabolites, including mercapturic acids and other metabolic transformation products, based on our extensive knowledge of transformation pathways.
  • The latest work includes two UPLC-QTOF MSE DIA-based workflows for urinary mercapturome profiling and a platform for discovering biomarkers of exposure to biogenic volatile compounds (BVOCs) in urine.

Development and implementation of workflows for Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics (SIRM)

  • SIRM approach allows for effective pathway tracing and elucidation by following the fate of isotopically labeled metabolites.
  • Dr. Lorkiewicz's work has focused on developing appropriate frameworks to analyze, visualize and interpret SIRM data. He recently standardized the UPLC-HRMS SIRM analysis platform for in-vivo [13C6]-glucose tracing in mice.
  • He also leveraged SIRM to provide in-vivo evidence of exposures to heavy atom-labeled xenobiotics by measuring their downstream metabolites in the urine.

Instrumental analysis and measurement of biomarkers of tobacco exposure

  • Dr. Lorkiewicz received funding for two human pilot studies where he measured volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and tobacco alkaloids (TAs) metabolites in the urine after exposure to different tobacco products.
  • He established robust, high-throughput LC-MS/MS methods for detecting and quantifying urinary metabolites of VOCs and TAs and free biogenic monoamines and their metabolites in urine.
  • Dr. Lorkiewicz's research efforts helped inform the design of the human tobacco study – CITU 2.0.
  • Current work focuses on developing additional high-throughput LC-MS/MS targeted assays (metabolites, lipids, bile acids, short-chain fatty acids, vitamins, free carbonyls etc.)

Featured Publications

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