Rachel J. Keith, Ph.D., APRN, ANP-C

Associate Professor of Medicine

502-852-4211 E-mail

Education and Training

Ph.D.: University of Louisville, Physiology and Biophysics
BSN: University of Louisville
MSN: University of Louisville
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Louisville, Diabetes and Obesity Center

Research Interests

My research experience started with the Molecular Cardiology Center and progressed to the Diabetes and Obesity Center. The focus of this research was on understanding the cardiprotection of late phase preconditioning to the damage associated with myocardial infarction. Previous studies have implicated inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) and aldose reductase (AR) as mediators of late phase preconditioning. These proteins are all endogenous, and there are ways to increase the proteins’ expression for brief periods of time through lifestyle changes.

Since I already had a unique understanding of the biochemical pathways that regulate cytoprotection in the heart, my interest began to focus on how to translate this to humans. Thus, I began to pursue a graduate level nursing degree to facilitate the transition to human studies. This pursuit led me participate in human studies with neonatal medicine where we investigated the potential protective effect of iNO on lung disease in neonates.

In addition, I have participated in various studies ranging from telemedicine studies of retinopathy of prematurity to survey studies for adults who were once in the neonatal intensive care and received Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). I participated in all aspects of these human studies including screening, consenting, data collection, regulatory components, proposal submission, and manuscript writing. After completion of my nurse practitioner license, I returned to the DOC to coordinate human studies. I am also an investigator on several projects of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Included in this work is a new grant which will focus on many aspects of regulation, attitudes toward, and injury associated with tobacco use. These and other studies will allow me to incorporate clinical care with my knowledge of mechanistic injury in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. By combining the two skill sets, I will be able to expand my translational research of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

Featured Publications

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