Steven P. Jones, Ph.D., FAHA

Professor of Medicine
University Scholar
Director, Diabetes and Obesity Center
Core Director, Imaging and Physiology

502-852-2460 Email Twitter logo@StevenPJones

Education and Training

Ph.D.: Louisiana State University, Cardiovascular Physiology
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University, Mitochondrial Biology


Dr. Jones' laboratory: The Imaging and Physiology Core

Research Goal

My goal is to understand why myocytes die during acute myocardial infarction and heart failure and to develop strategies to prevent cell death.

Research Interests

  • Understanding the mechanisms of cardiac muscle damage during a heart attack and developing novel therapeutics to preserve the heart
  • Elucidating the molecular regulation of cardiac hypertrophy and the transition to heart failure
  • Investigating the confounding influence of risk factors (such as diabetes) on the development of heart disease

In all such endeavors, the laboratory group invokes a multidisciplinary approach to answer important questions in a variety of in vivo and in vitro models. My laboratory is also dedicated to providing a fertile environment for students and fellows to gain the necessary experience and guidance to become independent investigators.

Featured Publications

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