Joseph B. Marvin, M.D.

  • Professor of Medicine, Neurology and Clinical Medicine, 1907-1914

Joseph B. Marvin, M.D.
Joseph Marvin, M.D.
Joseph B. Marvin, born in Florida, graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and taught chemistry and physics there.

In 1871, he came to Louisville and graduated from Hospital College of Medicine in 1875 in its first graduating class.

He continued studying chemistry and pathology in New York and throughout his life devoted his attention to the laboratory side of medicine.

He taught chemistry and microscopy at Hospital College of Medicine for about ten years and was one of the founders of the American Microscopic Society.

He then taught at the Kentucky School of Medicine until it merged with the University of Louisville in 1908, and he continued here as professor of medicine, neurology and clinical medicine until his death.

During the yellow fever epidemic of 1878 he established and was resident physician at a yellow fever hospital in Louisville, and his treatise on yellow fever was highly respected.

He played an important part in the construction of the Louisville Municipal Hospital and was the one suggested it be a teaching hospital.

- Written by Daryll Anderson