William A. Jenkins, M.D.

  • Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine
  • Chairman 1914-1923

William A. Jenkins, M.D.
William Jenkins, M.D.
William A. Jenkins, born in Bardstown, Kentucky, earned his AB at Hanover College and MD at Hospital College of Medicine in 1897.

He began practicing in Louisville and became an assistant in the dispensary at Hospital College of  Medicine in 1898 and an assistant demonstrator of anatomy at Hospital College of Medicine in Louisville in 1899.

From 1900 - 1904, he was lecturer of clinical medicine at Kentucky School of Medicine, and for another four years he was also professor of medicine and clinical medicine there as well.

In 1908, Kentucky School of Medicine merged with the University of Louisville and he continued with the same title while serving as chairman from 1914 - 1923.

During World War I he was a major in the Army medical corps.

After 1923 he stayed at the University of Louisville as clinical professor of medicine until his death.

His research was largely in infectious diseases, and he was visiting physician to the Louisville City Hospital and to the Louisville and Jefferson County Children's Home.

- Written by Daryll Anderson