Charles H. Duncan, M.D.

  • Professor of Medicine
  • Acting Chairman 1971-1973

Charles H. Duncan, M.D.
Charles Duncan, M.D.
Born in Ohio, Charles H. Duncan attended The Ohio State University earning his AB in 1936 and MD in 1940, both with honors.

He was an intern and resident at Cincinnati General Hospital and then a research fellow in medicine at Cornell University and the New York Hospital until 1949 when he joined Columbia University as a research associate.

In 1952 he came to the University of Louisville as assistant professor of medicine.

By 1970 he had progressed to professor and served as acting chairman of the Department of Medicine from 1971-1973 and as chief of the section of general medicine beginning in 1974.

He resigned in 1979 and was made professor emeritus of medicine.

His principal research interests were lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis.

- Written by Daryll Anderson