Joseph C. Allegra, M.D.

  • Professor of Medicine
  • Acting Chairman 1982-1984
  • Chairman 1984-1989

Joseph C. Allegra, M.D.
Joseph Allegra, M.D.
Joseph C. Allegra earned his AB in chemistry at Temple University in 1970 and his MD at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University in 1974.

After an internship and residency at Penn State, he joined the National Cancer Institute as a clinical associate. By 1979, he was senior investigator in the cancer therapy evaluation program there.

He came to the University of Louisville 1980 as an associate professor in medicine and biochemistry and as chief of the Division of Medical Oncology in both the Department of Medicine and the University Cancer Center.

He served as acting chairman of the department for about two years and became chairman in 1984 at age 35.

As chairman, he stimulated the faculty in rebuilding the residency program, revised the medical-student curriculum and improved national board scores, attracted new grant funding and stimulated faculty to publish. In addition, the size of the full-time faculty doubled.

As a researcher, he worked mainly on chemotherapy in breast cancer and was noted for his work relating hormone therapy and estrogen receptor status.

- Written by Daryll Anderson