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Dr. Laura Morton

Dr. Laura Morton, Director

Read the welcome letter from the Program Director [PDF]


  • Rotations start the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month (e.g. July 1 – July 31). Fellows will be given a copy of their rotation schedule at the beginning of their Fellowship year.
  • Rotations assignments consist of: 3 months Hospital Service, 2 months Nursing Home, 2 months Home Based Palliative Care at the VA, 2 months Hospice/Palliative Care at the VA, 1 month Rehab, and 2 months are electives.
  • Veterans Administration Rotations - Each Fellow is required to complete four rotations at the VA (two Hospice/Palliative Care, 2 Home Based Palliative Care).

View the Rotation Diagram [PDF]


    • Fellows go to their rotations every morning Monday thru Friday. Afternoons are spent as follows: continuity clinic, assigned nursing home, didactics, Geriatric Clinic, study/research sessions.

    Call Schedules

    • Fellows will be on call one weekend each month where they will round in the mornings and take call from home the rest of the time. Fellows will also take home call approximately 3 - 4 non-weekend nights each month.

    Benefits & Stipends

    • Each Geriatric Medicine Fellow is allowed four weeks of vacation. Other benefits include malpractice insurance; health insurance; American Geriatric Society Membership and American Medical Directors Association Membership; AGS Syllabus; Lab coats; CME time and funds to attend meetings for: AGS (American Geriatric Society), AMDA (American Medical Directors Association), and Kentucky Geriatrics Society (KGS); University of Louisville Club Membership
    • Stipends are set and approved by Graduate Medical Education. For an updated stipend amount, please contact the program coordinator.

    Didactic Sessions

    • Didactic Sessions are every Tuesday afternoon starting at 3:00 PM. Unless on vacation or excused by the Program Director, Fellows are expected to attend at least 80% of all sessions. Journal Club is typically the 4th Tuesday of the month at 3:00 pm as part of the didactic session. Faculty and Fellows will be assigned specific months to present an article. There will be several people scheduled each month. See our Didactic scheduling format [PDF]
    • M&M Cases and Current Topic: Each fellow is asked to present M&M cases and Current Topic sessions at didactics several times during the year.
    • Lectures: Fellows are required to present at least two didactic lectures during the course of the year. One will be on a Geriatric Syndrome and the other will be on a topic of your choice.

    Grand Rounds

    • Generally, the second Friday of each month is designated as a Geriatric Conference at Family Medicine Grand Rounds. Fellows must have 80 % attendance at all Geriatric presentations, unless on vacation or otherwise excused. Grand Rounds are from 8:00 – 8:45 AM and are held in Jewish Hospital’s Bottigheimer Auditorium.

    *Additionally Fellows are strongly encouraged to attend lectures and/or Family Medicine Grand Rounds that are of interest.


    • Fellows are expected to engage in a scholarly research/advancement during their fellowship and to submit abstracts for both AMDA and AGS national meetings. Time will be allotted for work on these projects during didactic sessions and on Friday afternoons.

    American Medical Director’s Association (AMDA) and American Geriatrics Society (AGS)

    • The Fellowship will pay the dues for each Fellow to become members of AMDA and AGS. All Fellows are expected to submit an abstract to each of these conferences. Additionally the Fellowship will pay travel expenses for all Fellows to attend each of these national conferences.
    • Our informational flyer [PDF]



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