Recent Research Awards

P20GM135004 (supplemental award), NIH
Comprehensive genomic characterization of circulating SARS-CoV-2 and emergence of viral variants of concern across the state of Kentucky
Awarded to Dr. Melissa Smith -- Role: M-PI; Drs. Eric Rouchka and Corey Watson -- Role:  Co-I

R24 1R24AI162317-01, NIH NIAID
Population Genotyping of the Germline Immunoglobulin Repertoire in AIDS-Designated Rhesus Macaque Breeding Colonies
Awarded to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: M-PI and Dr. Melissa Smith -- Role:  Co-PI

R21 ES031510-01, NIH
m6A Epitranscriptomics in Toxicant Associated Steatohepatitis
Awarded to Dr. Carrie Klinge -- Role: M-PI

P20GM135004, NIH 
Defining tumor-infiltrating B cell signatures associated with T cell mediated antitumor immunity in human lung adenocarcinoma
Awarded to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: Project PI

R01EY029719-01, NIH NEI
Glycine Subunit Specific Inhibition and Ganglion Cell Visual Responses
Subaward to Dr. Ronald Gregg -- Role: Co-I; Contact PI Maureen McCall (Dept Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences)

2R01AI104739, NIH NIAID
01/01/2019 – 12/31/2023
Computational tools for the analysis of high-throughput immunoglobulin sequencing experiments
Subaward to Dr. Corey Watson -- Role: Co-I; PI, Kleinstein, S.H. (Yale University)

R24AI138963, NIH NIAID
An ethnically diverse genomic reference resource for the human heavy and light chain immunoglobulin loci
Awarded to Drs. Corey Watson and Melissa Smith -- Roles: M-PIs

R00 NIH/NIAAA (4R00AA023560)
Analysis of an ethanol-sensitive pathway regulating anterior craniofacial development
Awarded to Dr. Ben Lovely -- Role: PI