Congratulations to Drs. Gregg, Hasan, and McCall (Ophthalmology) and their colleagues on their recent article in Cell ReportsCatch an  overview of this article and Dr. Gregg's research in his interview with Mark Hebert on U of L Today,  airing Monday, July 22 at 6 pm on Talk Radio 1080 WKJK. The article was also covered by U of L read



A picture of Brian Clem, Ph.D.Dr. Clem receives the Dr. Don Miller Endowed Professorship in Cancer Metabolism Research.  Congratulations to Dr. Clem!

 Dr. Lovely gives keynote at Gordon seminar; “Alcohol-Induced Tissue Injury: Exploring Pathophysiology, Translational Developments and Experimental Models Used in Alcohol Research” (March 23-24 2019).


 Dr. Lovely interviewed by Mark Hebert on U of L Today. Listen to the interview and learn more about Dr. Lovely's exciting research. listen


 Abstract submitted by Dr. Watson and colleagues featured at the American Society of Human Genetics Meeting, receiving the "Reviewer's Choice Award". See video presentation to learn more about their work.  watch