March 2020

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Podcast series focuses on leadership lessons from classic texts 

In Vital RemnantsMcConnell Center Director Gary Gregg considers how lessons from Plato's Republic (Season 1) and Machiavelli's The Prince (Season 2) are relevant to today's leadership opportunities and challenges.

Both seasons are free and available on Google PodcastsSpotify Apple Podcasts.  

Director defends Electoral College in new textbook

Gary Gregg, PhD, wrote in support of the long-standing method of electing U.S. presidents in a new American government textbook featuring 20 "pro" and "con" positions on reforms to U.S. political institutions. George Edwards, PhD, wrote in favor of abolishing the Electoral College.

Scholar profiles in leadership: 25 years apart

Matthew Webster ('96), the first chair of the McConnell Scholars Program, and current chair Eric Bush ('20) reflect on their time as student leaders at the McConnell Center. More than 250 students have graduated from the program since 1996.

Founded in 1991, the non-partisan McConnell Center at the University of Louisville seeks to identify, recruit and nurture Kentucky's next generation of great leaders. Our core principles--leadership, scholarship and service--guide us as we (1) prepare top undergraduate students to become future leaders; (2) offer civic education programs for teachers, students and the public; and (3) conduct strategic leadership development for the U.S. Army. 

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