Weber named to Teach for America Corps

(Nov. 28, 2011) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Senior McConnell John Weber to teach two years in Nashville's low-income communities.
Weber named to Teach for America Corps

McConnell Scholar John Weber

John Weber, a senior McConnell Scholar at the University of Louisville, has been invited to the Teach For America Corps, a prestigious teaching program for low-income communities across the nation.

Weber will teach English to middle or high school students in Nashville for two years.

"I applied to the program because I have always been passionate about improving education policy," Weber said. "Working with TFA will help me better understand macro education policy, and working with students everyday in the classroom will help me see things at a micro-level," he said.

Weber said he is considering a joint degree in law and public policy from Vanderbilt University upon completion of his work with TFA.

Weber said the ability to network with McConnell Scholar alumni who went on to work with TFA solidified his decision to join the Corps. "They have been able to give me a realistic perspective about TFA - the challenges, the rewards and the opportunities after my two years of service," he said.

Weber, a political science major, will graduate in May 2012. He is a Louisville native and graduate of duPont Manual High School.