Three scholars pass nationals, move to final Fulbright round

(Feb 5, 2010) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Students hope to spend next year abroad in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Argentina.

Senior McConnell Scholars Jamie Giles, Tejas Shastry, and Boris Yelin passed the national round of competition for Fulbright English Teaching Assistant scholarships.

"To make it through the U.S. round of the Fulbright selection process is a great accomplishment," said Dr. Gary Gregg, director of the McConnell Center. "That our little group of just ten seniors sports three that have made it this far speaks volumes about the quality of our students."

Giles hopes to spend next year in Thailand, while Shastry plans to continue developing his Tamil language proficiency in Sri Lanka. Yelin hopes to put his Latin ballroom dance skills to work while teaching English in Argentia.

All three scholarship applications are now being reviewed by the host countries