Southard (’15) to intern at RunSwitch, a PR firm

(June 12, 2014) LOUISVILLE, Ky. – McConnell Scholar Sean Southard will intern at RunSwitch, a PR firm cofounded by McConnell Scholar alum Scott Jennings (’00), this summer.
Southard (’15) to intern at RunSwitch, a PR firm

McConnell Scholar Sean Southard (’15) is spending the next 10 weeks as a public affairs intern at RunSwitch, a Louisville-based public relations firm cofounded by McConnell Scholar alumnus Scott Jennings (’00).

Jennings cofounded RunSwitch in 2012 after serving in both Bush-Cheney presidential campaigns and then serving as a Special Assistant to President George W. Bush in 2004 and later as a White House Political Director under Karl Rove from 2005-2007. He has also directed and advised several Kentucky and national political campaigns since his time in the White House.

RunSwitch specializes in issue advocacy, media relations and political consulting, with a client base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to local non-profits. As an intern, Southard helps report to clients, monitor media, develop social media strategy and is learning how to build a grassroots coalition.

“I am excited for this opportunity to work at a public relations firm started by a McConnell Scholar alumnus,” Southard said. “Experiences like this and my last internship in DC would not be possible without the assistance and support of the McConnell Center.”

Southard has worked as a McConnell Center press assistant for three years where he has written and edited stories for the website, helped design advertising materials and created several recruitment videos.

A native of Owensboro, Ky., Southard is studying history and political science at UofL. In addition to being Chair of the McConnell Scholars Program, Southard is vice president of College Republicans, a member of the university’s library advisory board and an ambassador for the Harvard IOP’s national campaign.

By Mary Elizabeth Young, McConnell Scholar ‘16