McConnell Scholars elected, appointed to top student leadership positions

(May 8, 2014) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Next year, several McConnell Scholars will serve in some of UofL's top student leadership positions.
McConnell Scholars elected, appointed to top student leadership positions

McConnell Scholars ('16, '17) on a trip to DC last fall where they met with national politicians to discuss leadership.

Several McConnell Scholars will serve in top campus leadership positions for the 2014-2015 academic year. Among the organizations where scholars will serve are the university’s Student Government Association (SGA), the Engage Lead Serve Board (ELSB), the Student Activities Board (SAB), and the Honors Student Council (HSC).

Sophomore McConnell Scholar Victoria Allen will serve as Arts and Sciences President, a position that was also held by minority leader Senator Mitch McConnell when he attended UofL.

Others include:

- Jason Jewell:  Arts and Sciences Senator

- Landon Lauder:  Arts and Sciences Senator

- Aaron Vance: SGA Political Coordinator

- Jeremy Ball: SGA Executive Vice-President's Assistant

- Kevin Grout: SGA Executive Staff Research Specialist

- Diana Lalata: SAB Chair of Diversity

- Natalie Smith: HSC Academics Vice-President

- Alicia Humphrey: Freshman LEAD Director (ELSB)

- Mary Elizabeth Young: ELSB Top Four-Director of Operations

“We are so proud of our Scholars who are making a difference through their involvement and leadership on campus,” said Sherry Allen, McConnell Scholars Program Manager. "Their dedication and devotion clearly reflect our desire to continue the trend of growth and development at UofL.”

Victoria Allen Jason Jewell Landon Lauder Aaron Vance Jeremy Ball
Kevin Grout Diana Lalata Natalie Smith Alicia Humphrey Mary Elizabeth Young