McConnell Scholar starts Odyssey chapter at UofL

(Oct. 22, 2015) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Macey Mayes, a sophomore McConnell Scholar, launches the local chapter of the Odyssey Online.
McConnell Scholar starts Odyssey chapter at UofL

Macey Mayes, Class of 2018

McConnell Scholar Macey Mayes (’18) has always had a passion for writing. However, the Muhlenberg County, Ky.-native found that she often lacked a platform to express her views—a complaint she noticed she holds in common with many members of her generation.

“I worked so hard to bring a chapter of the Odyssey to the University of Louisville for a very simple, cliché reason,” said Mayes, who studies political science and religious studies at UofL. “I believe in the millennial generation. We, too, deserve a place for our concerns, thoughts and opinions to receive their overdue recognition.”

Odyssey launched nationally in 2014 and, according to its official website, is a “social content platform that crowd-sources ideas from millennial thought leaders in their local communities.” It currently has a presence in over 250 U.S. communities.

“For me, the Odyssey is a collection of voices – our voices – as we discover who we are and who we wish to become. Documenting this transition is a beautiful and inspirational thing and I commend the creators of the Odyssey for giving us such an outlet to do just that,” she said.

About 90 percent of Odyssey content is read as a result of a recommendation from a friend. Despite their grassroots origin, all Odyssey articles undergo a rigorous editorial process, and Mayes spends each week working with writers and their content.

Mayes first learned of Odyssey when she read articles written by students on other campuses, sparking her desire to start her own chapter at UofL. In collaboration with the University of Kentucky’s editor-in-chief and a liaison from Odyssey Headquarters in New York City, Mayes hired a staff of 15 writers, a social media director and a contributing editor over the summer.

The UofL chapter launched Aug. 3 and has been producing weekly content since then. Some of the most successful posts have reached between 10,000 and 15,000 views.

Mayes said UofL’s Odyssey chapter welcomes new writers. Visit for more information.

By Alicia Humphrey, a 2017 McConnell Scholar