McConnell Scholar elected student body president

(March 11, 2011) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Junior Kurtis Frizzell (McLean County) will serve as the 2011-2012 University of Louisville Student Government Association President.
McConnell Scholar elected student body president

SGA President-Elect Kurtis Frizzell

Results were announced earlier today.

As President, Frizzell will serve on the university's board of trustees; act as liaison between students, university administrators and other external influences; oversee the SGA budget of more than $600,00; and represent all student interests.

Junior McConnell Scholar John Weber challenged Frizzell for the position in a run-off election.

Frizzell is no stranger to student politics at the University of Louisville as he is currently finishing out his term as Academic Vice President of the student body. That role required him to administer academic policies and programs and serve as a student liaison to the Faculty Senate.

He is majoring in political science with a triple minor in social change, humanities and philosophy. His campus involvement includes serving as vice president of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Greek God 2010 and being a member of the Harlan Scholars Program and Honors Program, as well as the McConnell Scholars Program.