Hutchison (’18) to travel to Israel

(September 19, 2016) LOUISVILLE, Ky. – McConnell Scholar Ronica Hutchison will take a 10-day, all-expenses-paid journey through Israel in December.
Hutchison (’18) to travel to Israel

Ronica Hutchison, of Falmouth, Ky., has been selected for the Caravan for Democracy Student Leadership Mission, sponsored by the Jewish National Fund. She will travel with other U.S. students to areas such as Galilee, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The program seeks out campus leaders, and Hutchison will have the opportunity to meet with political, cultural and community leaders from diverse backgrounds during her trip.

“My particular interest while in the region will be the complex intersection of religion, culture, and power positions Israeli women find themselves within as they confront the political arena,” Hutchison said. “I am looking forward to challenging misconceptions I hold about Israel and the Middle East, as well as bringing back a wealth of knowledge to share with other students through a student event I will coordinate upon my return. “

Hutchison is the director of governmental affairs for the University of Louisville’s Student Government Association, a member of the Kappa Delta sorority and an Honors Scholar. She is studying political science, philosophy and history.