Fellow edits volume on Civil War history

(Nov. 8,. 2012) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Thomas Mackey, PhD, a University of Louisville history professor, is the editor of "A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era, Volume 1."
Fellow edits volume on Civil War history

Thomas Mackey, PhD

The first of three volumes, Legislative Achievements (University of Tennessee Press, 2012) is a collection of public policy actions, political speeches and judicial decisions related to the American Civil War. Forthcoming are Political Arguments (volume 2) andJudicial Decisions (volume 3).

The series is organized chronologically with introductory headnotes that explain each document's historical significance and lasting impact.

Mackey is a fellow at McConnell Center and adjunct professor at the Brandeis School of Law. He is the author of Pornography on Trial (2002) and Pursuing Johns (2005).